Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Home Founded more than
160 years ago.

Traditional Japanese style hotel
with beautiful view of the Nagara River

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Founded more than 160 years ago

Standing in front of the Nagara River since the Edo period

The small ryokan 'Yamamotoya' located in gifu-minato-machi changed its name to 'Juhachiro' in 1860, and it experienced 5 eras in Japanese history. It is said that the origin of the name given by the ancestors is that Matsuo Basho left a masterpiece 'Juhachiro-no-ki' when he was staying in Gifu. The master at that time decided to adopt the name 'Juhachiro' that praised Gifu, as an honor to the region. It is our mission to inherit the passion of the master who tried to hand down the honor of the region 160 years ago, and to welcome you with the spirit of traditional hospitality.

A reddish-brown hot spring on the bank of the river.
Nagaragawa Onsen

The largest size onsen among the Nagaragawa River. Kura-no-Yu is a renovated storehouse from the Meiji era.
The moment you step in, you will be moved. We will continue to pass on the old treasurers that lie in our hometown.


  • Rooms

    High-quality of hospitality and relaxation is available in a variety of rooms. Please enjoy an extraordinary time while having a beautiful view of .the Nagara river. See more.

  • Facility

    You can feel the harmony of traditional and modern design throughout the hotel. You can use it as a nostalgic yet new photo spot.

  • Meal

    We serve a traditional Japanese style cuisine which is based on the tradition of our hotel and which combines seasonal ingredients with the ingenuity of the chef. Don't forget to try Hida beef hotpot which we recommend most. See more.

Traffic access

Gifu City is located roughly halfway between Tokyo and Osaka.
From Gifu City, you can travel directly to Takayama City and Kanazawa City
-- both popular tourist citittes -- without changing trains.
It takes 65 minutes from Chubu Centrair International Airport to
Meitetsu Gifu Station by a limited express train.
From Nagoya Station to Gifu Station,
it takes 20 minutes by train.
Juhachiro is located 20 minutes away from
Gifu Station by either bus or taxi.

Stay plan


  • Kawaramachi walking tour

  • Cormorant fishing

  • Sightseeing spots around Gifu

  • Surrounding restaurants