Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Plans for groups Founded more than
160 years ago.

Group plan
※Please apply for groups of 20 or more.

The meltingly soft texture of Hida beef nurtured by the climate of Gifu is truly a work of art.
Please enjoy the specialties of Takumi, which can only be found at a designated Hida beef restaurant.


With Hida beef dish
13,000 yen(incl. service fee)
14,450 yen (incl. service fee and tax)


With Hida beef dish
15,000 yen(incl. service fee)
16,750 yen (incl. service fee and tax)

‘Hida beef cuisine course’

16,000 yen(incl. service fee)
17,750 yen (incl. service fee and tax)

※This plan includes 5 Hida beef dishes such as Hida beef pot, Hida roast beef, and Hida beef broiled sushi.

※Rooms are assumed to be occupied with maximum number of persons.
※The day before a holiday is an additional 3,850 yen (including tax) from January to April,
and an additional 4,400 yen (including tax) from May to December in each plan.
※The contents of the dishes may change depending on the season.

Free drink (reservation required)

Free drink 2,900 yen(incl. service fee)3,190 yen (incl. service fee and tax)
Sake, beer, soft drinks, shochu, free drinks for 2 hours
Free drink with whiskey 3,100 yen(incl. service fee)3,410 yen (incl. service fee and tax)
Sake, beer, soft drinks, shochu, whiskey 2 hours free drink

Onboard dinner (Ukai spectators' boat)
※1 night, 2 meals, charter boat fee separately

Please contact us for more information.