Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Stay plan Founded more than
160 years ago.

We propose a special trip.

We offer a variety of travel styles to suit each individual travel style,
such as anniversaries with loved ones, gastronomy unique to Gifu,
and cormorant fishing that can only be seen for a limited period of a year.

A trip that will satisfy even the kids.

We offer three things: fun, delicious, and peace of mind, so that you can fully enjoy your family trip with children.

Enjoy 'Ukai'

Boarding in front of Juhachiro. The main event of the trip is the classic fishing method “Cormorant Fishing” on the Nagara River. It is held from May 11th to October 15th every year.

with in-room dinner

Relax in your room or in a private room and enjoy a variety of dishes that the chef is proud of, centering on seasonal ingredients from Gifu such as Hida beef, sweetfish, and fresh vegetables.