Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Kawaramachi walking tour Founded more than
160 years ago.

Taking a walk around Kawara-machi

The streets of Minato-machi, Tamai-cho, and Motohama-cho, which continue west from the cormorant spectators’ boat office at the south end of Nagara Bridge, are commonly known as Kawara-machi, and old streets with lattice doors still remain. This area, where old-fashioned Japanese houses with narrow entrance and long depths stand side by side, used to prosper as a river port and was a place bustling with many shops.

Even now, shops that manufacture and sell the traditional Gifu fan, and Japanese confectionery shops that are known for Gifu’s famous confectionery, Ayugashi, are still operating with their retro atmosphere. In addition, modern renovated shops have appeared one after another in recent years and have become popular.

Very popular with guests!
2 mini tours around the area

We offer a walking tour around the area for our guests to enjoy.
No reservation required, free of charge. Please meet in the lobby on the day.

※Please note that it may be canceled without notice depending on the weather.
※Please note that we are not responsible for accidents during the tour.

Kawara-machi walking tour

In Kawaramachi, I want you to not miss this place. A guide will explain the charm of Kawaramachi.
You will spend 30 minutes in getting close to nature and history while listening to the fun stories of the guide.

Date Everyday
Capacity up to 20 persons
Gathering 16:55 at the lobby
Departure 17:00 Getting back 17:30
Sengoku Mini Tour

Why don’t you experience the history of the ‘Sengoku’ period by visiting Gifu Park and the site of Nobunaga’s residence, where the story of the Sengoku warlord depicted in the NHK Taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” exists?

Date Everyday
Capacity up to 20 persons
Gathering 9:55 at the lobby
Departure 10:00 Getting back 10:50
You will be dismissed in front of Gifu City history Museum.

Sight seeing spots in Kawara-machi


Tamaiya, which is famous for Gifu’s famous confectionery “Yaki Ayu” and “Nobori Ayu”, makes Japanese sweets one by one by hand. There are also seasonal fresh sweets, and there are sweets that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue. It is also the secretary office of the Kawara-machi neighborhood association.

■Address : 42 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-262-0276

'Nagaragawa Department'

This is a Made in Gifu select shop that sells products with the theme of “clothing, food, and housing” made in the Nagara River basin. On March 18, 2022, the sales space was greatly expanded, and the product lineup was further enhanced and reopened. Why don’t you try to find goods that can only be found here?

‘Nagaragawa Department’
■Address : 45 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-269-3858

'ORGAN Kimono'

 ‘ORGAN’ has a collection of retro and gorgeous antique kimonos. Those are one-of-a-kind items, and the use of bold patterns and coordination unique to antiques is popular.。長良のほとり、Dressing and rental available at renovated old house in Kawara-machi (Reservation necessary)

‘ORGAN Kimono’
■Address : 2nd floor of Nagaragawa Department 45 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-269-3858


Suikinkutsu is one of the decorations in Japanese gardens where water droplets drip into a bottle buried in the ground, producing a mysterious sound like a koto. You can often see it at the side of temples and tea rooms in Kyoto, but you can hear it in the garden of Juhachiro opposite side og the entrance. Enjoy the quaint Kawara-machi and the refreshing Suikinkutsu garden.

■Address : Minato-machi Gifu-city (In front of Juhachiro entrance)

'Sumii Tomijiro store'

This is the only store that specializes in making “Gifu Shibu Uchiwa”, which is made from Mino Washi paper and high-quality bamboo and finished with persimmon tannin.

‘Sumii Tomijiro store’
■Address : 46 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-264-4318


Please enjoy the special rice cake (100% rice flour of “Mino Hatsushimo” from Gifu Prefecture), the special sauce (tamari soy sauce made with underground water from the Nagara River), and the freshly baked mitarashi dango steamed on the spot.

■Address : 46 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-215-5476


“Nagara Uiro” is the specialty of “Shagu”, which is located next to the waiting room of the Ukai spectators’ boats office. There are always more than 10 flavors available, including white uiro, which has a chewy texture and a simple rice flour flavor, mugwort uiro, and seasonal uiro such as peach uiro.

■Address : 428-2 Kamizaimoku-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-264-4506


It’s a select shop selling Japanese traditional umbrella in a 100-year-old townhouse. We always have close to 60 types of ‘Janome umbrellas’, ‘Ban umbrellas, and parasols. There are also much-talked-about ‘Cherry blossom umbrellas’, ‘Kikyo umbrellas’, and ‘Samurai-crest umbrellas’. In one store, not only Japanese umbrellas, but also paper lanterns, letterpress printing, and other hand-made traditional crafts that remain in the Nagara River basin coexist.

■Address : 29 Minato-machi Gifu-city
■Tel # : 090-8335-9759

Japanese restaurant 'Koyori'

This restaurant was opened independently by the owner who used to be trained at Gifu’s famous restaurant ‘Kouzo’. You can enjoy delicate and gentle dishes that incorporate many seasonal ingredients.

■Address : 36-1 Tamai-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-214-9230

'Juroku Bank' ATM

This ATM is located in a renovated old house in Kawara-machi, and has an appearance that blends in with the atmosphere of the townscape. In the ATM corner, in addition to placing tourist information and installing Wi-Fi, we will promote regional tourism such as displaying the winning works of “Gifu Tourism Photo Contest 2016” and provide information for people who enjoy walking around Kawaramachi.

■Address : 12 Tamai-cho Gifu-city

Cafe 'Kawara-machi-ya'

A old townhouse that used to be a paper wholesaler in the Meiji era has been reborn as a nostalgic space where you can enjoy Japanese miscellaneous goods and a cafe. Concerts and other events are also held in the storehouse at the back of the store.
Open all year round (except year-end and New Year holidays) Open until 19:00 only during the Ukai season.

■Address : 28 Tamai-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-266-5144

Bakery 'Rustico'

The 4th branch of a bakery in Gifu City. Bread, muffins, quiches, etc. are also available. Please enter from the back of the house because it is a hideaway-like structure.
There is also an eat-in space, and they also provide morning-plate service.

■Address : 12 Tamai-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-213-3383

Small shrine 'Koshindo'

Koshindo was quietly built on the site of ‘Dento Gokokuji Temple’, which was built by ‘Yoshitatsu Saito’. There is also a heart-shaped water container on the premises.

■Address : 18 Motohama-cho Gifu-city

'Kawara-machi square'

You can spend a relaxing time on the lawn square, and there is also gazebos and toilets, making it an ideal place to take a break.

Flower shop 'Hanahisa'

The storefront, which is a renovated townhouse, gives a warm and gentle feeling. We handle seasonal flowers of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and we have a wide variety of flowers from small foliage plants to happy festive bouquets. Why don’t you take a walk and take some time to enjoy the seasons at the flower shop?

■Address : 58-1 Motohama-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-213-2082

Sweet fish restaurant 'Izumiya'

The 1st floor sells ayu-related foods, and the 2nd floor is a restaurant where you can easily enjoy the taste of ayu from the Nagara River, such as charcoal-grilled ayu and ayu porridge.

■Address : 20 Motohama-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-263-6788

Hida-beef restaurant 'Hanazakuro'

They offer a kaiseki course that cooks Hida beef with traditional processed foods and local vegetables. (Reservation required)

■Address : 29 Motohama-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-264-0290

Chinese restaurant 'Le Chinois-Kawade'

It is a restaurant with the atmosphere of an elegant hideaway for adults. A new style Chinese restaurant run by the former head chef of Hotel Okura.(reservation required)

‘Le Chinois-Kawade’
■Address : 1974-2 Souden Kawamukai Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-264-5225

Creative Japanese restaurant 'Bunkaya'

You can enjoy creative kaiseki meals in a building that was renovated from an old townhouse. How about dining while looking out over the Nagara River from the large windows?(Reservation priority)

■Address : 35 Motohama-cho Gifu-city
■Tel # : 058-212-0132

Rental bike

We offer free rental bikes for our guests.

Why don’t you feel the breeze on the riverside, cross the Nagara Bridge to the north to visit ‘Ukai-no-sato’ around the Nagaragawa Museum, or head south to the shopping mall ‘Yanagase’ in downtown. Let’s enjoy the scenery that can only be seen by cycling.

Helmets and children’s bikes (22 inch/24 inch, for children in the upper grades of elementary school) are also available.

It is free of charge.
Please feel free to ask at the front desk if you’d like to rent.

Charge For free
Rental time 8:00-21:00
Rental items Adult bikes, children’s bikes (22 inches/24 inches)
Helmets for each size : a few
number of bikes a few

When renting, please fill out a rental application form at the front desk.
Be sure to note that we will not be held responsible for any accidents or damages relating to rental bike service.