Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Charms of Juhachiro Founded more than
160 years ago.

Charms of Juhachiro

160 years have passed since its founding, Juhachiro is a place where guests gather in every era.
We will introduce the 18 charm points that customers can always choose.

1. History from the Edo period

The name of our ryokan comes from the ‘Juhachiro-no-ki’, which is said to have been written by the haiku master Basho Matsuo during his stay in Gifu. As the oldest ryokan in Gifu City, the spirit of service that has continued since the Edo period will continue forever along with the stream of Nagara River.

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2. Traditional Cuisine

Seasonal blessings of mountain and river.
Many guests come to our ryokan during different seasons for the purpose of dining. While preserving traditional flavors, the chefs who actively adopt new techniques create delicious flavors beyond imagination. The subsoil water of the Nagara River is the decisive factor in the taste.

3. Women’s favorite ryokan

Juhachiro is popular with women. It’s a modern and stylish long-established ryokan, so female guests are excited about the nice tricks. Those who want to enjoy their own time can enjoy free rental of manicures and aroma pots. Take one of your favorite photos at an Instagrammable spot.

4. Wide variation of guest rooms

There are many variations of guest rooms that can be selected according to the number of people, budget, and age, from Japanese style rooms with private open-air baths to modern rooms where you can spend your time in western style bed. All rooms are equipped with wifi.

5. Reddish brown Nagaragawa onsen

It is characterized by reddish-brown cloudy water containing a large amount of high-quality iron and radon. The source is colorless and transparent, but the color gradually changes when it comes into contact with the atmosphere. Thanks to the abundance of iron, it is difficult to cool down after bathing, and the quality of the onsen, which is rare even in Japan, is popular.

6. Simbolic spa ‘Kura-no-yu’

A stately storehouse from the Meiji era has been refurbished and reborn as ‘Kura-no -Yu’. There are many opportunities to be exposed in posters and videos, and it is famous as a popular photo spot for professional photographers. You can enjoy Nagaragawa Onsen in a luxurious bathtub worth seeing.

7. Rich nature

Gifu City is rich in nature despite being the prefectural capital. Even though it is within an hour from the big city of Nagoya, it is surrounded by such rich nature. The sunset from Nagara Bridge is recommended. It is a masterpiece no matter how many times you look at it.

8. In-house exhibition

In order to make your stay a memorable one, we display old photographs, pamphlets, postcards, etc. I would like you to see the print of the ‘Funabashi’ that is displayed at the entrance. We hope that you can feel the good old days of this town that prospered as river port.

9. Restaurant ‘Toki-no-kura’

‘Toki-no-Kura’ is an earthen storehouse that was used as a lumber dealer’s warehouse in Kawaramachi until about 130 years ago. It was relocated 80m using a traditional construction method called ‘Hikiya’ and renovated into restaurant using ancient Japanese architectural techniques. If you would like to have dinner at Toki-no-Kura, please make a request by phone. A panel explaining the ‘Hikiya’ construction method is exhibited next to the parking lot. Please take a look.

10. Popular with children

We aim to be a ryokan that is also chosen by children. There are many mothers and fathers raising children among our staffs, and we know how difficult it is to travel with children. The proprietress is also raising three children, and sincerely hopes to help make the trip fun for everyone in the family. Please feel free to ask us for help.

11. Good access from Nagoya

It takes only 17 minutes by rapid train from JR Nagoya Station to JR Gifu Station. Then after 15 minutes by taxi from there, you will arrive at Juhachiro. It’s so quick. We have many repeaters who stay after work on Fridays. Please enjoy micro-tourism in Gifu, which you have never visited before because it is too close.

12. Welcoming you with famous sweets

We also carefully select the sweets prepared in the room. Tamai-ya, a long-established confectioner, brings fresh sweetfish sweets every morning. Luxurious sweets are also a great memory of your trip. Sold at the shop (limited quantity)

13. Popular street ‘Kawara-machi’

The street in front of the ryokan is commonly known as “Kawara-machi”, and it is an elegant area with traditional Japanese houses. There are also restaurants renovated from old townhouses and stylish and cute shops that women will love. How about walking around Kawara-machi where you can enjoy looking at the traditional handicraft fans and Japanese umbrellas? Please join the walking tour from 17:00 and go to the recommended course with the guide.

14. Preserving the good old

There are many old and beautiful things in this town. We are trying to preserve them while making the most of them. We won the Gifu City Landscape Award three times. You will feel the beauty of the coexistence of the old and the new, such as the haiku monument from the Edo period, the suikinkutsu, and the two storehouses from the Meiji period. How about making Haiku and posting it on the memories of your trip.

15. heartfelt care of our staff

All of our staff work hard day and night to ensure that our guests are happy to return home. It’s not a gorgeous hospitality, but we will help you with your trip with a casual consideration. There are many three-generation trips, and we are pleased with people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

16. Babies are also welcome

We are often asked if babies can stay at long-established ryokan, but of course we welcome them. We have a wide range of goods and services so that even small children can stay with peace of mind. Baby plan with baby food is recommended popular plan. There are also parks nearby where babies can enjoy themselves. We recommend ‘Mokuyukan’ (reservation required), which is a 10-minute drive away.

17. Work Life Balance

Juhachiro has many female staff who continue to work while taking maternity and childcare leave. This is very rare in the hotel industry. We are also certified as the only company with excellent work-life balance in the restaurant and accommodation industry in Gifu Prefecture. As a long-established inn that represents Gifu, we will continue to strive to create a workplace where staff can play an active role regardless of gender or age.

18. Awards

Over the years, we have received many awards in various fields such as service, cuisine, and building design. Thanks to all of you, the reviews are highly rated, and we are sincerely grateful that many people are supporting us. For more than 10 years, we have been certified as a “five-star accommodation” sponsored by Kanko Keizai Shimbun, and we hope to continue striving to create a ryokan that will satisfy our guests.