Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Cuisine Founded more than
160 years ago.

You can taste the blessings nurtured by the Nagara River.


We sincerely prepare dishes for hospitality that add color to the joy of travel and further deepen it. At Juhachiro, we will prepare a menu of seven or more dishes based on one soup and three dishes (soup, sashimi, grilled dish, boiled dish). We believe that every guest will be satisfied with the taste of each and every dish. Please enjoy the dishes that make the most of the fresh seasonal ingredients that are unique to this region.

Mr. Isao Nishioka Chef of juhachiro

He holds qualifications such as Japanese cuisine specialist cook, culinary technician, and international herbal food educator. He has excellent sensibility, delicate and bold food presentation. His cooking method that maximizes the deliciousness of the ingredients has a good reputation.

Hida-beef kaiseki cuisine

Hida beef is definitely the highest quality Japanese beef nurtured by the climate of Gifu. The texture of Hida beef that melts in your mouth is truly a work of art. At Juhachiro, which has been recognized as a “designated restaurant for Hida beef” by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Council, please fully enjoy Hida beef dishes that are the pride of our craftsmen. ※Note :Depending on the plan, there are menus that do not use Hida beef.

“Local production for local consumption” to eat the nature of Gifu

We use the pure subsoil water of the Nagara River to maximize the deliciousness of freshly harvested mountain and river delicacies. You can enjoy many carefully selected ingredients in the best condition. That is the commitment of Juhachiro.

Kaiseki cuisine

Taste the season with a beautiful view

A long-established kaiseki meal that makes use of the ingredients of the climate, where you can feel the colors of the four seasons

We add a unique arrangement to traditional kaiseki cuisine, and prepare dishes that are gentle on the body. The monthly menu features fresh ingredients purchased from the local market each morning. You can enjoy the chef’s commitment to food from the aperitif before the meal. Please enjoy the dishes that are infused with the knowledge, skill and beauty of the craftsmen who know the taste of the local ingredients.


■’Shokuzenshu’ Aperitif
non-alcoholic sangria

■’Sakizuke’ Appetizer
Sesame tofu

■’Zensai’ Appetizer
Hida spinach soak
Chestnut lily root ball
Stemed sweetfish with roe
Simmered sweet and spicy burdock
Grilled shiitake-mushroom chrysanthemum temari-sushi

■’Kuchigawari’ Starter
Scallop with raw seaweed

■’Suimono’ Soup
Mozuku yam served with turnip dressing

■’Otsukuri’ Sashimi
Assorted sashimi

■’Konro’ Pot dish
【Juhachiro original】
Hida beef hot pot

■’Yakimono’ Grilled dish
Karasu Saikyo grilled cod

■’Takiawase’ Steamed dish
Steamed shrimp and lotus root bun

Rice with sweet fish of porridge Made with Mino Hatsushimo rice, a specialty of Gifu Prefecture

■’Tsukemono’ Pickled vegetables
Hida/Mino traditional vegetables
Hida red turnip pickle
Wasabi Kelp Pickled celery

■’Mizugashi’ Dessert

Focusing on seasonal ingredients.
The menu may change slightly depending on the purchase situation.