Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Facility Founded more than
160 years ago.



Relax in a calm space

A spacious lobby overlooking the Nagara River.
On the wall, you can see ‘Juhachiro-no-ki’ which Matsuo basho left in Edo era, and you can feel a sense of elegance and calmness there.
We also take orders for drinks.

Guests can order for drinks at lobby lounge.

Relief of “Juhachiro-no-ki” in the lobby

Everything I see around here is cool.

In 1688, Basho Matsuo wrote this poem when he was moved by the beauty of the scenery when he looked out over the Nagara River from the tower located on the river side. This monument is said to have been erected in the late Edo period.


There is also a poem posting box in the lobby. How would you like to make a poem in this elegant scenery, such as the beautiful Nagara River and Kawaramachi, a townscape that retains the atmosphere of the olden days?

Souvenir shop

How about a souvenir to commemorate your wonderful trip or a souvenir for your loved ones?

We have a large selection of our original products and Gifu specialty products.

Juhachiro original sweetfish-shaped sweets

The sweetfish-shaped sweets from Tamaiya, which is only sold at our ryokan, is the most popular. Matcha is kneaded into gyuhi.
5 pieces per box

Juhachiro original sake

Juhachiro’s original unpasteurized sake, organic pure rice sake, and aged sake.

'Bi-no-yakusen', herbal bath salt

The herbal bath salt can be used at your home, as well.

The tea and coffee sets originally blended by Nagaragawa Onsen proprietress association

Play space for kids

Spending time with your child

There is a play space for kids in the lobby.
We have blocks, origami, etc.。
We also have books by writers who stayed at Juhachiro and picture books for children.
You can bring the book to your room, even before going to bed.


The pleasure of finding your favorite yukata

How about wearing a stylish colored yukata when you enjoy watching cormorant fishing or walking around the old townscape around Juhachiro?
A yukata set (yukata and belt) for women is available for 550 yen.

'Ukaikomichi', Path to the cormorant fishing boarding place

An elegant private passage that leads to the boarding place
for cormorant fishing spectator's boats.

It is a privilege only for Juhachiro that you can board the boat from the ryokan to the dock on the exclusive passage.

'Kurara', Relaxation room after bath

Please use it to meet with your companion
after taking a bath or to take a break.