Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro A trip that will satisfy even the kids Founded more than
160 years ago.

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Even though you want to eat delicious food and relax in the onsen, playing in the park is sometimes the best option for kids.
Juhachiro is located in a location blessed with parks and facilities full of greenery in the neighborhood,
so you can play in the park until just before check-in and spend a relaxing time on your way home, making it ideal for families with children.

Satisfying trip for kids

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There are many popular children's parks in Gifu City.

There are several large popular parks that children will love, such as ‘Family Park’ and ‘Nagara Park’, within a 20-minute drive from the ryokan.

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Ideal as a base for sightseeing in Gifu City.

Around Juhachiro, there are many spots that you can’t miss when sightseeing in Gifu City, such as ‘Ukai museum’, ‘Gifu park’, ‘Mt.Kinka cable car’, ‘Squirrel village’, and ‘Nawa insects museum’.

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A lot of fun in the building.

There are many cute items that children will love. Borrow a book from the library in the lobby, enjoy the spa, and enjoy a relaxing time checking-in early. The walking tour around Juhachiro, which is held every day from 17:00, is popular among children.