Nagaragawa onsen Juhachiro Relaxing with in-room dinner Founded more than
160 years ago.


In-room dining is the real pleasure of staying at a ryokan.
How about having dinner in a Japanese-style room that reminds you of the old days?
You can enjoy delicious food that can only be tasted here in your room.

'Bishoku' plan


Have dinner in your room or in a private room.

A plan for guests who value the dining atmosphere. You can enjoy a special time with your loved ones, friends, and family with meals. You don’t have to worry even with children. Why don’t you enjoy as much alcohol as you like tonight?

051_料理_6牛鍋 (1)

Kaiseki cuisine of local production for local consumption.

We value local production for local consumption. Hida beef, the highest quality Kuroge Wagyu beef nurtured by the rich climate of Gifu. Please enjoy “Hida Beef Cuisine” at Juhachiro, which is recognized as a “Hida Beef Cuisine Designated Restaurant” by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Council.


Light exercise from 17:00 walking around Kawaramachi

Kawaramachi is lined with old-fashioned Japanese houses with narrow entrances and long depths. There are shops that manufacture and sell the traditional Gifu Uchiwa fan, as well as Japanese confectionery shops that are known for Gifu’s famous confection, Ayugashi. We also recommend taking a walk in Kawaramachi before dinner.